Episode 1: Where’s Mimi?

Welcome to The ISHUES Project... Now, Where's Mimi?

You read it right: That’s ISHUES, not issues. Our project documenting ordinary people taking action is partly named after the lead singer of the band William Pilgrim. His name is Ishmael Herring and he met one of our directors, PM Romero, after answering a Craigslist ad for a vocalist. Turns out Ish (as we call […]


Track Listing

  1. Black Bird
  2. Farewell
  3. Fall Outa Trees
  4. Drug Den
  5. About a Girl
  6. Gimme Little Sign (featuring Brenton Wood)
  7. Water When Well is Dry
  8. In The Street (featuring Blind Boys of Alabama)
  9. A Soldier’s Tale
  10. Taos Hum
  11. Metaphor for America (featuring Exene Cervenka)
  12. 50 Stars
  13. Los Angeles, age 23
  14. Parade
  15. Bring it on Home to Me (A new arrangement of the Sam Cooke classic)

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