ISHues – A Feature Documentary

ISHues is a journey of the best and worst of an American ideal. The film challenges stereotypes, and the idea of opportunity in America by featuring a talented singer, convinced he is destined for greatness. Ish Herring is a gifted vocalist with a raw, smoky style as unforgettable and haunted as his childhood. His voice tells a story of optimism and pain.

Filmed over six years, Ish Herring joins songwriter and activist PM Romero to form the band William Pilgrim. Together they record 40 original songs, three of which chart nationally, in the Americana genre. Herring gets off the street, but the street is never very far away. He is aware that flaws don’t change, even when conditions improve.

The film features performances and scenes with Darryl McDaniels (DMC of RunDMC), Grammy winning Blind Boys of Alabama and 60’s pop star Brenton Wood. Their song and lyrics also bring awareness to conditions people face while living on the streets.

The ISHues Project

A series of short webisodes, The ISHUES Project, sprung from the film’s collaborators PM Romero, Scott Montgomery and Kevin Neynaber, as a means to promote those who wish to improve our world with their activism and heart. The ISHUES Project profiles both individuals and organizations that strive to make positive change in our neighborhoods.

Track Listing

  1. Black Bird
  2. Farewell
  3. Fall Outa Trees
  4. Drug Den
  5. About a Girl
  6. Gimme Little Sign (featuring Brenton Wood)
  7. Water When Well is Dry
  8. In The Street (featuring Blind Boys of Alabama)
  9. A Soldier’s Tale
  10. Taos Hum
  11. Metaphor for America (featuring Exene Cervenka)
  12. 50 Stars
  13. Los Angeles, age 23
  14. Parade
  15. Bring it on Home to Me (A new arrangement of the Sam Cooke classic)

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